Saturday, February 4, 2017

Hey! Let’s Talk About Female Serial Killers – The Cutting Edge of Women’s Studies

Its 2017, the year of the Great Thaw.

We are now entering into a cultural phase in which there is a critical mass of honest voices who are cracking through the orthodoxy of politically correctness. On a daily basis. mainstream media and academia are being exposed for their corruption and dishonesty. Now it is beginning to be possible for scholars and journalists of integrity the override “political correctness” censorship and again create a public forum in which open discourse, objectivity and empirical inquiry are offered. Universities shall be forced to reform or they shall continue on their precipitous decline. In the meantime good information and solid empirical scholarship of the sort which is typically forbidden to appear in the university context appears online daily.

Female aggression has not been much studied. It is impossible to get funding for such inquiry – except for those who will produce distorted politically correct results in conformity with orthodox dogmas.

[By Robert St. Estephe]


Here are some Female Serial Killer articles which serve as a foundation for serious studies of female aggression:


Female Serial Killers: An Image Collection, Female Serial Killer Index, updated

World’s Creepiest Female Serial Killers, Female Serial Killer Index, updated



Scary Monsters: Female Serial Killers and the Silence of the Lambs, Female Serial Killer Index, Jan. 4, 2017

Monsters Too Scary for Words (“Monsters Too Scary For Words: Collective Amnesia in the USA”), Female Serial Killer Index, September 7, 2015

– Moribund long-disproved myths about female aggression and the historical record are being revived by politically correct, poorly informed, PhD experts.

Death on the ‘baby farm’ –A Voice for Men, (in 2 parts), July 16 & 27, 2013

Female serial killer bandits, A Voice for Men, July 3, 2013
– 15 new discoveries of historical female serial killers ignored by criminologists.

Exciting careers in serial widowhood, A Voice for Men, Sep. 10, 2012
  Serial killers who made a business of marry men and murdering them.


Female Serial Killer Studies: The Cutting Edge of the New Women’s Studies.




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